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pleyers. WB 800

pleyers. WB 800 is the highly abrasive resistant, system-oriented sealant of the system pleyers porfil. protect S. In combination with porfil.PLUS (X) no adhesion or cohesion damages occur with pleyers. WB 800.

The sealed surface is resistant to oil, grease, kerosene and chlorides as well as chemicals (pH ≥ 2). The system application of pleyers. WB 800 provides an important improvement of all mechanical parameters, such as abrasion resistance and adhesive pull strength.

  • highly wear-resistant coloured surface protection
  • plus all the technical properties of porfil.PLUS (X)
  • resistant to pressurised water
  • protects against rear surface moisture
  • combined protection for fresh concrete and other surfaces
  • improvement of mechanical parameters (abrasion resistance and adhesive pull strength)
  • resistant against chemicals, oil, grease, kerosene etc.
  • prevents penetration of chlorides etc.
  • easy-to-clean surface