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pleyers. porbits

porbits is the jointless, wear-resistant and fast surface-finish, that can be applied to almost any kind of ground (concrete/screed, old coatings, asphalt, wood, steel, cement-based levelling filler, …) inside, outside and also in permanent wet areas.

They stand out due to the simple application and the high mechanical and chemical resistance (pH > 4) with minimum layer thickness. The surface grip and the correlating cleanability is infinitely adjustable.

As fixing binder porfil.PLUS X must be used. The porefilling sealant penetrates the building material, protects it from rear surface moisture and seals it resistant to pressurised water.

By sealing the surface with the waterbased 2K-PU topcoat pleyers. WB 800 the mechanical and chemical resistance is increased. As a result an improvement in the cleanability is achieved and the application range can be expanded to hygienic demanding surfaces, e.g. canteen kitchens or hospitals.

  • jointless
  • tested product according to the german guidelines and standards for repair and protection of concrete (RiLi-SIB)
  • almost any kind of ground can be treated
  • application nearly independent of the weather
  • fast, reparable and smoothly expandable
  • easy to clean
  • high mechanical and chemical resistance
  • variable grip
  • variable colour design
  • extreme durability
  • drivable (cars, trucks, forklifts, airplanes, ….)
  • UV-resistant