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porfil.BASIC S

porfil.BASIC S is the pore-filling and pressurised water resistant protection and sealant for cement-based surfaces (for example concrete, screed). It can be applied at temperatures down to +4°C irrespective of the type of cement, the water-cement value or the hydration suction. An absorbing surface is the only requirement. This early post-treatment leads to a lasting reduction of shrinkage deformations.

Due to the fact that the pore-filling with porfil.BASIC S is not film-forming, the problems concerning adhesion and/or cohesion damages do not occur. While maintaining the discharge capacity of the underground, the mechanical parameters such as abrasion resistance and adhesive pull strength are improved. The achieved surface is acid-resistant (pH>4). This leads to a porefilled, sealed surface that can be used directly or is posttreated with coatings, adhesives etc.

  • barrier coefficient according to German standard TL NBM, roads made of concrete >75%
  • reduction of plastic shrinking cracks due to early drying out
  • no hydration suction required
  • application irrespective of the water-cement value (only requirement is an absorbing underground)
  • can be applied at temperatures down to +4°C
  • fast covering or coating with appropriate paintings, coatings or covering adhesives
  • improvement of the mechanical parameters (abrasion resistance and adhesive pull strength)
  • resistant against chemicals, oil, grease, kerosene etc.
  • protection of the underground against penetration of chlorides etc.
  • discharge capacity according to German standard DIN IEC 61340, DIN 100015, DIN EN 1081-98, ASTM F 150-98