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porfil.PLUS is the pore-filling and pressurised water resistant primer and sealant suitable to be applied under epoxy resins, polyurethanes, fillers, adhesives for coverings etc. The application can be carried out, an absorbing surface assumed, down to temperatures of 8°C.

The certified feature of durability under the condition of continuous rear surface moisture ensures that no adhesion or cohesion damages occur.

porfil.PLUS can be applied to all conventional concrete, mortar and screed surfaces. By applying porfil.PLUS 2 to 4 days after installation of the concrete, mortar or screed surface, the conventional waiting time until covering of the surface can be carried out, is shortend to 3 to 5 days. The water-vapour-diffusion is reduced in such a degree that deformations due to one-sided drying-out are reduced.

For perfect bonding capabilities fire-dried silica sand is applied to the still wet porfil.PLUS.

Application on floor-heating screeds saves the time-consuming and costly heating program until the surface is ready for covering. After the tack-free drying of porfil.PLUS the functional heating of the underfloor heating can be carried out. Following the floor can be covered with e.g. parquet, carpet, tiles,...

  • barrier coefficient according to German standard TL NBM, roads made of concrete >75%
  • reduction of plastic shrinking cracks due to early drying out
  • no hydration suction required
  • application irrespective of the water-cement value (only requirement is an absorbing underground)
  • can be applied at temperatures down to +8°C
  • fast covering or coating with appropriate paintings, coatings or covering adhesives
  • improvement of the mechanical parameters (abrasion resistance and adhesive pull strength)
  • resistant against chemicals, oil, grease, kerosene etc.
  • protection of the underground against penetration of chlorides etc.
  • discharge capacity according to German standard DIN IEC 61340, DIN 100015, DIN EN 1081-98, ASTM F 150-98
  • very fast covering of concrete, mortar and screed surfaces only 3 to 5 days after installation of the surface
  • can be used under carpet floors, tiles, parquet, PVC, linoleum, coats of paint or other coatings
  • no additional primer required
  • easy-to-clean surface (plasters, soilings, etc. can be easily removed)
  • very easy and fast application