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System-oriented special sealing material as pore-filling sealant and surface protection for bridges made of concrete, car parks and similar applications in relation with a thickening layer according to ZTV-ING, Part 7, section 1. porfil.BIT is particularly appropriate for short treatment periods and low treatment temperatures.

Due to its extreme low viscosity, porfil.BIT has an excellent penetration ability in concrete and is therefore able to fill the pores and seal the concrete. The material consumption depends on the specific characteristics of the concrete underground, such as absorbency, roughness and humidity; application temperature and ambient temperature have also an influence on material consumption.

  • tested product according to German guidelines and standards for repair & protection of concrete (class OS7; TL/TP-BEL-EP / ZTV BEL B / DIN EN 1504)
  • heat resistant when applying bitumen sheetings
  • no risk of osmotic bubbling
  • improvement of mechanical parameters (adhesive pull strength)
  • resistant against rain directly after application (in the non-reacted state)
  • short waiting periods, the bitumen sheeting can be applied on the uncured epoxy resin directly after the last working cycle
  • can be applied at temperatures between +0°C and +50°C
  • no spreading of silica sand required
  • offers the characteristics of a sealant
  • sealing of fresh concrete or mortar possible after only 24 hours