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Bilila Lodge Kempinski Serengeti

In Tanzania the pools of two luxury resorts of the Kempinski group were executed respectively renovated with our porviva system. The Bilila Lodge Kempinski Serengeti, Tanzania was newly build in the heart of the serengeti adjacent to the yearly travelling routes of thousand of gnus and zebras. The pools were applied in cobalt blue with the edges of the stairs set off in silver. The resort was opened in June 2009.

porviva-Pools in the twilight

porviva in the Serengeti

Zamani Zanzibar Kempinski

Due to the good experience with the application and the achieved optical impression a follow-up job was placed already during the execution of this job. The pools of the Zamani Zanzibar Kempinski embedded in gorgeous gardens and situated on a cliff amidst the indian ocean on the north-east-coast of Zanzibar were renovated in creamwhite.