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pleyers. porbits.®

With the new porbits.® system appealing, robust and jointless floor coverings can be designed in a short time. porbits.® are polymer chips that are broadcasted onto a freshly sealed and still tacky porfil.®-surface. The porbits.® are available in different colours and can also be blended.

To prepare the surface:

  • the surface is sanded (granulation 16)
  • the dust is removed with a vacuum cleaner
  • the transparent porfil.® PLUS X is applied as a sealant onto the sanded surface. The two components of porfil.® are mixed intensively
  • the material is poured onto the surface and spread with a squeegee (rubber lip)
  • the remaining material is evenly spread crosswise using a lacquer roller
  • the porbits.® are broadcasted by hand or with a compressor until the surface is evenly covered
  • the next day the excessive porbits.® are sucked off with a vacuum cleaner
  • the surface is sanded (granulation 120)
  • the surface is sweeped with a fine broom. By this method the fine dust is settled in the surface
  • as top coat pleyers. WB 800 provides a noble, mat and robust surface
  • for an exceptionally perfect finish a second step of pleyers. WB 800 can be applied after sanding the surface once again.

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